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The Boulevard Gets a Serious Makeover

When The Boulevard in Las Vegas initially opened, it was touted as The first major indoor mall in the whole valley. Years passed, and The Boulevard began to wane in popularity, losing tenants in the process. Rather than succumb to pressures of increasing online shopping or settle for a mediocre mall, The Boulevard has begun to grow again. Thanks to an ambitious restoration process and new ownership, The Boulevard is more than regaining its foothold in the shopping industry; it’s planting a new flag.Makeover

When Sansone Companies, a local real estate firm, purchased The Boulevard in 2013, the plan was not only reviving The Boulevard aesthetically but to essentially re-invent what a shopping center can transform too. Design renovations improved The Boulevard’s landscaping and paint schemes to give it a more pleasing look. A large comfortable seating area was added for guests to occupy and enjoy, and increased security patrols provide a safer family experience.

But more than just the visuals, Roland Sansone, owner of The Boulevard and Sansone Companies, has brought new shops and attractions to make a local icon even better. New vendors include such popular sites like John’s Incredible Pizza and Goodwill. The Boulevard’s Goodwill is the largest indoor store in Goodwill’s local history here in Nevada. Even more impressive is the upcoming November opening of Seaquest Aquarium, a 26,000 square foot interactive aquarium residing right in The Boulevard!

Roland Sansone is bringing major changes to The Boulevard in Las Vegas which helps to the community:

Not just an indoor mall anymore, The Boulevard is a new and improved shopping experience for all guests. More importantly, the renovations have brought more than redesigns; it has brought more jobs and more opportunities to provide substantial market growth in the area. Come to The Boulevard and see the future of indoor shopping.

Founded in 1978 by Roland Sansone, Sansone Companies is a long time local property management/development company in Las Vegas. With experience and success in renovating older commercial and residential properties, Roland Sansone’s direction with The Boulevard is the key to its continued success.