New Boulevard

The Boulevard Las Vegas Gets It Shine Back

Local Las Vegas residents who are familiar with the iconic Boulevard are aware that until recently, the mall lost some of its original shine. The location needed an upgrade, a fresh beginning. Fortunately for The Boulevard, help arrived. Sansone Companies, a Nevada real estate company, founded by Roland Sansone, purchased The Boulevard back in 2013 in hopes of redeveloping the area. As part of a multi-million-dollar plan, the goal is to revitalize the property and make it a thriving social epicenter of Las Vegas.


The Boulevard Mall Renovated


The plan included bringing in new retailers, updating its vendor list to include the most popular and current brand names, like a farmers’ market, Goodwill of Southern Nevada and John’s Incredible Pizza, a fan favorite restaurant, and entertainment center. In addition to new stores, The Boulevard also received a more aesthetic facelift. A brand new paint job after 46 years of the original colors, The Boulevard has undergone a complete renovation to provide a more inviting and modern look. Other visual changes include improved lighting, revamped landscaping, increased security patrols, and even a relaxing outdoor seating area for customers. Everyone is talking about the new look, including this great article published by Eater. The article mentions next to the recent debut of Olivia’s Mexican Cuisine & Bar, that The Boulevard plans on opening a sports bar. The 6,279-square-foot project is moving forward with the tentative name of Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar, building a bar and restaurant almost 1,000 feet larger than Olivia’s. In Swahili, Hatari means dangerous, so beware of having a dangerously good time when you stop by the Sports Bar. Expected to open in July of 2016. There’s even talk about opening a luxury movie theater. Overall the goal is to make The Boulevard more than just a shopping center, but an enjoyable and safe family experience.

Moreover, Sansone Companies is going so far to bring The Boulevard into the 21st century that they envision more than just shops. They are planning to open a Sea Quest aquarium at The Boulevard later in 2016. Over 25,000 square feet of more than 1,500 marine animals (that’s not including exotic birds and reptiles), Sea Quest will be an interactive experience that is both entertaining and educational for all guests. This major renovation is reassuring Las Vegas residents that The Boulevard is not only back, but its taking back it’s shine and glory.