The Boulevard Mall

Inside The Boulevard – New Mall, New Beginnings

With an impressive renovation, the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas has transformed from a nice local fixture into an exciting and fresh social epicenter. From new shops to thrilling attractions, the Boulevard Mall is taking the next step in consumer culture. By offering more than just shopping, by creating a more communal and interactive atmosphere, they are raising the bar. The goal is to establish a fun family friendly environment that anyone can enjoy, and with the latest upgrades, the Boulevard Mall has succeeded.

For instance, the Boulevard Mall hosts a variety of local events, like the Antique Auction and the free income tax preparation. There’s even a magic show, hosted by the Master Mystifier Dixie Dooley. There’s also the development of a 31,000 square foot aquarium, Sea Quest, which will showcase seahorses, tropical fish, sharks, octopuses, and more! Try finding any of these at any indoor or outdoor shopping center.

The Boulevard Mall also has made sure the atmosphere is not just exciting, but safe, too. The Boulevard Mall has
worked directly with Metro Police Crime Prevention to install new and improved lighting around the area, illuminating any previously darkened sections. The lighting is also the first rate to the point where it’s brighter than many of the local hotels nearby!

Speaking of Metro, the Boulevard Mall also has local metro units pass through the property on a regular basis for preventive measures, and the security force itself for the Mall has increased by 20% to deter any potential threats. The Boulevard Mall has had fewer incidents statistically than any other shopping property in town; Summerlin was number one on car break-ins, and the Boulevard Mall was rated last. There’s no way to have a good time if you don’t feel protected, but the ownership at the Boulevard Mall has ensured all their guests feel safe while they enjoy their time there. Come down to the Boulevard Mall renovated in Las Vegas and see for yourself the changes taking place. Just like any Las Vegas attraction, you are guaranteed a memorable time and experience.