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The Most Recognized Local Attraction, The Boulevard

Boulevard Mall Las Vegas

One of the most recognized local attractions in Las Vegas is The Boulevard. Since its beginnings in the 1960s, The Boulevard has been one of the premier shopping centers in the Vegas Valley. The Boulevard is back and better than ever, and it is determined to bring back its original glory. Since being purchased by Sansone Companies in 2013, The Boulevard has dug deep into a complete renovation with new stores, new attractions, and a whole new image. To celebrate The Boulevard and its importance to the community, it’s important to know what makes the mall so interesting and so unique.

  • Located 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, The Boulevard offers more than 140 stores, eateries, and kiosks.
  • The Boulevard opened in 1968, making it the oldest mall in Las Vegas, but has been recently renovated.
  • There is a time capsule buried in front of The Boulevard. It was buried in April 1966 outside the entrance and will be opened in 2066.
  • The Boulevard is host to the biggest Goodwill ever in its 40-year local history; it is also the first Goodwill store enclosed in a shopping mall.
  • In Fall 2016, The Boulevard will open an actual 25,000 square foot aquarium inside the shopping center, complete with tropical fish, turtles, otters, stingrays, and more!
  • Among the many recent improvements to The Boulevard include brand new landscaping, exterior paint, and a brand new outdoor seating area.
  • Specializing in hidden shopping treasures and best shopping values, The Boulevard is host to many unique and savvy brand name stores, like Urban Necessities, Flawless Fashion, Crazy Jeans, Hot Dogs on A Stick, and plenty more.

Whether you’re a Vegas resident or guest, you must check out The Boulevard. It’s conveniently located by the famous Strip and boasts a multitude of high-quality shops, eateries, and fun times for friends and family. The Boulevard is a hidden gem with the best deals out of any shopping center in Las Vegas. The quality is high, and the discounts are worth the trip.