Boulevard’s $1.4M Investment in Security

Any great business deserves the necessary investment to maintain its success. When Sansone Companies bought The Boulevard back in 2013, the goal was to recapture the appeal of this local staple. Within a few years, they reimagined the property into something more modern and accessible. One of the most important parts of the renovations made to The Boulevard was to improve security around the shopping center, and the results have been significant.

To enhance the safety features of The Boulevard, $1.4 million dollars of investments were spent in the following areas:

-Lighting: To increase the lighting on the property, brighter LED lights were installed. The increased number of LED lights also lowered energy consumption, which results in tenants saving money each month.

-Landscaping: Visibility improved for both customers and security by redesigning the landscape around the property. The redesign of the landscape included the elimination of shrubbery and other hidden areas.

-Personnel: Additional security was hired, with a focus on crime prevention, building capacity, and availability for customer calls. The investment also included new bicycle patrol units and outdoor mobile units.

Security These improvements were made with the help of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, who worked with The Boulevard’s security team on crime prevention measures and reviewing security measures. Per Metro Captain Jim Seebock, the upgrades are paying off. Captain Seebock said, “The Boulevard has shown significant reductions in crime since 2013.” He also said The Boulevard is proving to be one of the safest malls in Southern Nevada.

The security improvements not only enhance The Boulevard’s brand but emphasizes how much better of a shopping experience it has become. The new owners, Sansone Companies, realized neglected areas needed to be addressed, and the company has gone above and beyond to make The Boulevard a safe, one-stop family destination.