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Boulevard’s Journey to Rebirth

Renovation Boulevard Renovation Boulevard. There are malls, and then there’s The Boulevard in Las Vegas, NV. What was once an ordinary collection of stores is now a much improved, spectacular shopping and entertainment center. A local landmark has returned.

After a local real estate company, Sansone Companies purchased the mall in a multi-million-dollar deal in 2013; the plan was put in place to rebuild a collection of almost empty stores.  According to Timo Kuusela, The Boulevard’s General Manager, around “95 percent of the stores are occupied now” ( 1). Among the newest tenants include Goodwill, Icon Authentic, and Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar.

However, the renovations aren’t just limited to brand new stores and restaurants, but more attractions, like the enormous SeaQuest Aquarium (over 20,000 square feet!); the Hispanic Museum of Nevada; MaxDMaster 5D Cinema; the Cosmic Miniature Golf; and The Hall of Antiquities. The increased variety has transformed The Boulevard into something greater than what it once was.

Also, the physical changes, like a new paint job and enhanced landscaping/lighting, give the mall a revitalized appearance, this demonstrates the new owners wanting a fresh look and a fresh start to shape the next stage in The Boulevard’s transition.

Kuusela says the improvements haven’t gone unappreciated, saying “people have responded positively to the changes we’ve been making at the mall.”  Noting the popularity of one of the latest additions, John’s Incredible Pizza Company, Kuusela stated: “The company has about 15 locations, and this new location became their number one location immediately.”

Best of all, the changes aren’t finished: Kuusela says a luxury movie theater deal is in the works. The initial plan to fix The Boulevard may be over, but the improvements are still coming. The goal is to make The Boulevard more than just a place to shop; it’s about education, entertainment, and bringing the community together for a great experience.