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Spa Day at The Boulevard Only 10 Minutes From the Las Vegas Strip

Spa Day at The Boulevard Only 10 Minutes From the Las Vegas StripEveryone wants to look their best wherever they go.  Whether you’re having your nails done or having your hair made up, treating yourself makes you feel better in addition to the physical advantages. The Boulevard in Las Vegas offers various unique beauty spots that can enhance your looks and your mood.   It’s time for that makeover you’ve been waiting for and to take a spa day at the ever improving Boulevard.

The Boulevard provides two trendy hair salons to choose from Major Hair and Images Salon.  Regardless of which one you pick, you’re bound to find the best hair-coloring, texturing, styling, and finishing services.  At the very least, you will receive a fashionable haircut from experienced barbers and hairstylists.  If you’re going for quality looking manicures and pedicures with friendly customer service, check out full-service salons like Fashion Nails & Spa or Glamour Nails. They also provide nail enhancements, like acrylics and gels, and additional services like waxing and facials.

For a more personalized and tailored grooming service, check out Patel’s Threading and Henna Art.  They offer custom henna art, efficient threading services, and imported accessories like bindi and bangles.  They also use all-natural ingredients, like 100% cotton thread from India. Threading is an alternative eyebrow shaping technique that provides hair removal results you won’t find from waxing or plucking.  It’s also worth pointing out to all you macho guys out there with eyebrow concerns, threading is for both women and men; there are no limits to looking your best.

The Boulevard in Las Vegas provides excellent options for health and beauty. Offering diverse choices in hair salons, nail boutiques, and even eyebrow threading, the Boulevard is the site for the high-quality spa treatment with high-quality savings. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to enhance your looks and enhance your mood.

It only takes 10 minutes or less from The Las Vegas Strip to The Boulevard to have a hugely affordable Spa Day. The treatments at The Boulevard are a high quality offering everything you would want in a spa day, without the sticker shock price you get on the Las Vegas Strip. Do your spa day at The Boulevard, relax and save the money you would have spent at The Strip.