Las Vegas Shopping Mall

The Boulevard Treasures

What makes The Boulevard treasures so unique are the numerous hidden treasures accessible for guests. With all the recent renovations undergone at The Boulevard and the plethora of new shops, it is easy to forget the smaller stores, the gems.Boulevard Mall Gets It Shine Back

There are plenty of shopping options for friends and family to choose from, especially the lesser known ones. For every big brand name, there are several smaller, unique and boutique like shops that you may not find anywhere else. Clothing and Apparel fans know the usual suspects like Hot Topic and JCPenney, but what about Crazy Jeans or Flawless Fashion? There are always Foot Lockers and Journeys around, but what about Lavish Fashion? You still get high-quality items at great prices, even if you shop at a smaller brand store.

With dining at The Boulevard, you can still find treasures among the favorite regulars. You have the standard favorites like IHOP or John’s Incredible Pizza, but guests can also check out Hot Dog on a Stick or the delicious flavors of Christy’s Candy Shop. Hot Dog on a Stick has been around since 1946 and specialized in, you guessed it, Hot Dogs on Sticks, made fresh and original. Their famous lemonade and funnel cake sticks round out their simple but sweet menu.  Moreover, they also provide party packs and fundraising options, too.

The treasures go beyond shopping and eating; The Boulevard offers plenty of cultural sites, like the Hall of Antiquities, the Hispanic Museum of Nevada, Mexico Vivo Dance Company, and The Art Photographers. The Hall of Antiquities provides master craftsmen lessons and collectibles for sale. The Hispanic Museum enhances the Hispanic culture and promotes awareness of intercultural differences. Mexico Vivo Dance Company offers a variety of dance lessons in ballet, hip hop, gymnastics, and more. Finally, The Art Photographers showcases high-quality photos and artwork.

Las Vegas’ The Boulevard, despite the reinvigorated improvements to the location, still offers plenty of little known unique shops and dining choices that will appease all guests. These treasures are worth the discovery.