Urban Necessities

Urban Necessities Footwear at The Boulevard

Attention shoe collectors and shoe wearers of the world! Your one-stop shop for the best vintage and new shoes is here at The Boulevard in Las Vegas. Urban Necessities offers high-quality footwear and apparel for any sneaker fan or for people who don’t want to be barefoot all the time.

Located at the newly remodeled The Boulevard, Urban Necessities provides 100% authentic new shoes as well as collectible, hard-to-find shoes. It’s all about the style and the look, which Urban Necessities is a specialist. They supply both brand name and local designer products, so whether you’re looking for Adidas, Air Jordans, or a new up and comer, Urban Necessities has you covered. Also, they provide accessories and apparel including a variety of cleaning kits, T-shirts, backpacks, caps, and more. Urban Necessities also offers other services, like consignment, where they will sell your items for you; and buyouts, where they will issue a buyout for shoes at a negotiated cost.

What separates Urban Necessities from other shoe stores (and other stores, in general) are the unique services and events they provide for guests. One of which is The Heat Locker. It is essentially an arcade-style grab machine, but instead of generic toys, you can win high-quality footwear. Moreover, they do many special events, like ticket giveaways for boxing matches; basketball tournaments for store credit; and raffles for Air Jordans. Up next for Urban Necessities is the UN Invitational in August 2016. They will be setting up 7 Heat Lockers for attendees to have a chance to win great prizes.

There’s something about brand name stores that are so commonplace; it can make a shopping center just ordinary. This is why Urban Necessities at The Boulevard in Las Vegas stands out among the competition. Hidden gems like this allow people to encounter new shops and new experiences. Urban Necessities is the freshest and unique footwear store in town.