Guidelines for Reopening

Staffing and Protocols

  • All employees will be required to have a temperature scan before beginning their shift. Persons with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted to work
  • All employees will be issued and required to use PPE
  • All employees will be required to attend in-service training and review of Best Practices for sanitation and disease containment
  • Housekeeping staff will be increased by 50% over pre-pandemic levels during operating hours
  • Security staff will be increased by 100% over pre-pandemic levels during operating hours

Common Areas

  • Upon reopening. the Boulevard will reduce hours to 11AM-7PM Monday through Sunday
  • Three entrances will remain open during business hours; West Main, East Main and Food Court. In the East and West Main, the doors opened will be automatic : requiring no touching of door handles
  • Hand sanitation stations will be conveniently situated throughout the mall.
  • Social distancing markers will be placed on the floors in high traffic areas
  • Additional security will be scheduled to circulate and to actively encourage patrons to both utilize face coverings and to maintain social distancing
  • Notices will be placed at each of the main entrances advising the public of the new protocols before entering. Notices will be posted in English and in Spanish
  • Reminders (bilingual) will be placed throughout the mall requesting customers’ cooperation regarding social distancing
  • These notices will also be posted on Facebook and at
  • Radio commercials will air in the first 2 weeks after reopening encouraging listeners to refer to safety guidelines on social media and the mall website
  • Cleaning rotations will double over pre-pandemic levels. Quat Disinfectant or Bleach will be used as appropriate.

Food Court

  • Seating groups will be placed with a minimum of 6 feet separation
  • No reusable trays will be in service during this time period


  • Alternating sinks, toilets, urinals will be taped off to allow the public to observe social distancing


  • All large events will be cancelled until further notice

Mall Hours

Monday – Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm